An expert in the use of words.

Cartooning with numbers

      In this activity, each kid used numbers (1 to 9) to create characters representing different emotions.  This is a simple way to expose        children to diverse ways of creativity with common things.









Scary Stories

      Because, what's October without a scary story?  Using character, setting, tools, and problem cards the kids had to create an original

      story using those specific elements.  This is a perfect activity to expose the participant to fiction elements in literature and to see

      the grammatic difficulties for each kids.   

David M., 9 years old

“Once upon a time there was this monster under my bed.  I heard scratches, I wake up and ran outside, but a mummy trapped me.  I tried to escape to the other side, but a werewolf was waiting for me and I got ate”.   

Byron R., 10 years old

“The poison got the spider, which ate the eyeballs.  It got the dragon in the haunted house, then the knight battles the zombies”.  

Seth W., 9 years old

Rodolfo M., 9 years old

Art & Poetry

      As an introduction for next semester, we start to combine art and poetry using cartoons and Haikus.  Haikus are a form of Japanese poetry made up of 3 lines.  The first line has 5 syllables, the second line has 7 syllables, and the third line has 5 syllables.  This time the creative topic we choose to develop communicative abilities is food, which is a universal language.  

David, Burrito

Burritos are good.

My mom makes good burritos.

They are so awesome.

Cristian M., Pizza

Pizza is so good. 

Pizza has pepperoni.

Pizza feels greasy.

Rodolfo, Enchilada

Hot melted cheesy.

Cheese inside the tortilla.

So many flavor.

Antonio, Pizza

I like pizza now.

I like pizza very much.

I love pizza now.

Juan Diego, Menudo

Menudo is good.

Menudo is Mexican.

Menudo is great.

Byron, Ice Cream

I want ice cream now.

There are so many flavors.

Ice cream is creamy.

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