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AmeriCorps VISTA

Through the Corporation for National Community Service (CNCS), we have had the opportunity to host AmeriCorps VISTA (Volunteers In Service to America) members at PACT and at other organizations in the community. VISTA members engage primarily in indirect service through resource development, volunteer management, community outreach, and capacity building. VISTA members have served at PACT's Green River Thrift Store, Oasis Food Programs, and Pyramid Youth Programs as well as at Epicenter, Habitat for Humanity of Castle Country, the John Wesley Powell River History Museum, and Green River High School. To learn more about AmeriCorps VISTA, check out their website!

Pyramid Youth VISTA
Hope Christmann
Pyramid Summer VISTA 2015
Michaela Crismon
Thrift Store VISTA
Jessee Booker

Jessee came to Green River from Virginia, by way of Tennessee.  She graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Middle Tennessee State University.  After graduation, she knew she wanted to experience life out west and do something meaningful, so when she heard about the AmeriCorps VISTA position at the Thrift Store, she jumped.


Jessee went above and beyond as the Thrift Store VISTA; she managed volunteers, created opportunities for involvement, and maintained a welcoming, organized environment.  Her vision for the Thrift Store is to create a positive atmosphere that engages people through art and community.


When people leave the Green River Thrift Store, Jessee hopes it holds a special place in their hearts, like it does in hers.  She loved her job because it has given her a sense of purpose and allows her to be involved in efforts to make Green River more environmentally conscious.  


Her favorite things about Green River are the landscape, Swasey's Beach, the night sky, and, of course, the Green River Thrift Store.


Habitat VISTA
Katie Anderson
Oasis Food VISTA
Amber Furrer

Amber came to PACT as the Food Programs VISTA in August of 2015.  She grew up on a crop and livestock farm in Indiana and received Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Food Science from Purdue University.  Fun Fact- her decision to move to Utah as an AmeriCorps VISTA was made over the course of 36 hours, during which she was also moving apartments and finishing her Master's thesis.


As VISTA for Oasis Food Programs, Amber was responsible for developing and managing new food programs.  Though this position doesn't fully utilize her technical background, it provides ample opportunity for growth and fulfillment.  She loves food and people, so it's perfect that her job involves bringing those two things together. Starting up the Silent City Gardens has been her most challenging and favorite project to date.


Some of her favorite things about Green River are the huge skies, friendly people, and the fried hot wings at Chow Hound.


Epicenter VISTA
Bryan Brooks
Summer Oasis VISTA
Madison Moore
Pyramid Youth VISTA
Sydney Harris

During Sydney's first day in Green River, she and her family volunteered to help us unload our monthly food truck from the Utah Food Bank.  She was born and raised in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Sydney received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Ball State University—Chirp Chirp! Post-graduation, Sydney knew she wanted to take some time off from school before returning for her Master's. Being a girl from the Midwest, she decided she couldn’t pass up the opportunity to move to Green River and experience a change in scenery.


As the Pyramid VISTA, Sydney focuses on program development, volunteer recruitment, and community outreach.  The most enjoyable part of her role is experiencing new adventures with the kids, especially during aquatics camp (as a former Ball State swimmer, she has water in her blood) and Goblin Gang.  


Sydney’s favorite things about Green River are the welcoming people who offer friendly waves as you pass, the sunsets over the Book Cliffs, and Swasey’s beach.


Habitat VISTA
Gwen Peck
Epicenter VISTA
Jarod Hamm
Mollie Fullerton
Mollie Fullerton
Marissa Enderle

Mollie is from Fargo, ND. Mollie received her Bachelor’s degree from Macalester College in History and German Studies and her Master’s degree in Public history from Loyola University in Chicago.


After being accepted for the AmeriCorps VISTA position at the museum, Mollie knew Green River was the place for her because couldn’t stop wondering how John Wesley Powell lost his arm. Mollie’s duties at the museum includes program development with youth programming. Some of the programs she works with are Naturalist Camp, Goblin Gang, and Junior River Runners. Mollie's favorite part of her job was her freedom to create new programs and spend time out of the office exploring with the kids.


Besides the John Wesley Powell River History Museum, some of Mollie's favorite things about Green River are the access to great hikes, the stars, and the fact that it takes 10 minutes or less to go grocery shopping.

Pyramid Summer VISTA 2017 & 2018
Judith Trejo
Oasis Summer VISTA
Collin Mackey

Colin harkens from South Bend, Indiana and is currently a Junior at Notre Dame. He is studying in a Program of Liberal Studies and Cyber Security. He hopes to travel more and work with nonprofits more in the future.


Colin came to Green River as the Summer Oasis VISTA in 2017. He helped out with the children’s summer camps by making meals twice a day and developing a week-long Food Camp that the children loved! He nurtured a community garden in the Green River desert heat and learned a
lot about food and chickens.

He misses the people, landscapes, and arid climate from Green River most (very different from South Bend). He spent long Saturdays relaxing at Swasey’s Beach or hiking the areas surrounding the town. He loved biking to the park, Monument Hill, and Tacos La Pasadita as well.

Oasis Summer VISTA 2018
Molly Luzbetak
Oasis Food VISTA
Nikki Rasmussen

Nikki came to PACT in November 2017 as the Oasis Food Programs AmeriCorps VISTA. She’s originally from Wisconsin where she graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a double major in Nutritional Sciences and Life Sciences Communication. After graduating, she moved to Colorado for several months teaching outdoor education to middle school kids near Rocky Mountain National Park. 


Nikki has been highly involved in civic engagement and community service her whole life. Her efforts are concentrated on public health, sustainable living, food, and cooking. PACT perfectly aligns with Nikki’s core values and past experiences working with non-profit organizations in food, teaching, and human services.


Nikki loves dogs, hiking and camping, tacos, and superheroes. As for Green River, she misses hiking in the Swell, relaxing at Swasey's, and sitting down for a juicy burger at Ray's!

Molly's summer as the Oasis Food Program VISTA was a very enriching experience. She loved meeting all of the awesome Green River kids! Working outside every day in the community garden was what convinced her to continue working with vegetables. Now she works at a community farm in Vermont, where she's gotten to use some of the gardening skills she learned during her summer at PACT. She plans to continue working on farms around the U.S. for the next few years.

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