Meet Our Staff

Executive Director
Operations Director
Anakaren Gonzalez
Karen Toggl Pic.jpg

Anakaren was born and raised here in Green River. She started working at PACT as a summer camp counselor after graduating from Green River High School in 2020. She is a patient person who loves working with kids. She is an animal person but more specifically a cat person, so much so she currently has 5 of them. Anakaren loves the hometown feel that Green River has to offer and she wouldn't trade that for anything. Being a local resident for her whole life has allowed her an insight into the inner workings of this tight knit community. 

Anakaren hopes to further pursue her education in pediatric nursing and social work. These career aspirations help to drive her to be the best person she can be in order to be a helping hand to others in the community. 

Food Pantry Attendant
Kay Hatfield
Francis Wix Pic.jpg
Youth Center
Frances Erlandson

Kay moved to Green River from Matewan, WV with her family when she was just 14.  After moving around much of her adult life, Kay returned to Green River in 2010.  She began volunteering with our food pantry and soon moved into the manager position.


Kay is indispensable to our food pantry; she not only organizes and stocks shelves but also assists patrons in getting the food that they need.  Kay's fairness and compassion make her perfect for her work.  Her favorite thing about her job is interacting with all the people who come to the pantry.  She often says, "I know what it's like to be hungry, so I like to help people however I can". 


When it comes to Green River, Kay loves the small-community nature of our town.  People are willing to go out of their way to help each other, and you don't find that everywhere!

Frances comes to Green River from the Green Mountains of Vermont, where she studied poetry and architecture at Bennington College. Originally from Santa Monica, California, Frances is intimately familiar with the Southwestern desert, traveling through Green River many times before calling it home. 


In her work at PACT, Frances is inspired by a love for reading and is often found taking field trips to our neighboring library. By encouraging library exploration, leading writing activities and facilitating paired reading, Frances hopes to generate excitement in literacy for the kids of Green River. She can also be found sorting donations at the thrift store, volunteering with the high school, and teaching art in our Afterschool program. Outside of her PACT service, Frances enjoys desert walks, writing postcards and collecting small things.